About Simon

I would class myself as a ‘part time’ Real Estate Photographer.

I live in the UK, in Surrey, and although not my main career, I’ve had a long-term interest in capturing architecture and property through the eye of a camera lens. Some might say it’s been a bit of an obsession!

When I’m not shooting homes I work as a Strength Coach and Sports Therapist: www.rockstagefitness.com

Work has also allowed me to shoot architecture in many cities, sometimes more of an interest to me than local landmarks. I always find myself looking up at structures around me, rather than gazing down at the ground. 

To date I’ve supplied a wide range of property portfolios for Estate Agents, Property Developers and Interior Designers. From small studio flats to sprawling mansions and penthouse apartments, each provides its own challenges and focal points.

Shooting properties and buildings appeals to my fascination with lines, angles and capturing unusual features that each possesses.

Through my full-time career as a Strength Coach, I’ve also had the opportunity of shooting the homes of my private clients. 

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